Although the shoe project is now finished, this is how it all started! In August 2014 we supported the children from Bussi Primary School with over 80 pairs of shoes. Why? For the sake of hygiene and to avoid diseases coming from Jiggers in the sand. The idea was to start a shoe exchange project whereby children who grew out of their size would exchange the pair with another child.


The kids seemed incredibly happy when recceiving the shoes. Unfortunately, when returning in February half of the shoes appeared to be worn out and broken. The school kept these shoes to be able to show us. The reason: roads in uganda are tough, hard, sandy, rocky and very bad for shoes.


We realised this project would create dependency rather than self-sufficiency, because if continued the children and the school would become dependent on us for our sponsorship of the shoes, something we try to avoid! Together with the teachers we've decided to entirely focus on the Lunch and Education projects because these have much more potential to become succesful if self-sufficient and have a higher priority according to the school teachers.