Lunch for a Child

From no lunch in February 2014 to lunch 3 times a week. Because of this improvement, children are better able to focus in class and more children attend school. Special thanks to Joram Ndagga who co-founded this project and did a fantastic job in the start-up phase.

School Garden


We assist the school to maintain a school garden. So far, the kids have been eating beans, cassava and sweet potatoe. The kids also had their first meal with Matooki this term. Crops such as pumpkins and organges need a longer period of time before they yield their first harvest. The picture on the right shows a map of the garden and on the picture below you can see the matching planting plan. Both posters are currently at the school.





Sweet potato


Kale (Sukumawiki)

Parent Involvement


Parents maintain the garden for about 2 morings a week, on Friday and Wednesday, in order to cultivate food for the children. We aim to provide the parents with knowledge about sustainable farming which helps them in their own gardens as well. Parents have received a kick-off training by an expert in Ugandan agriculture, about the use of cow manure as fertilizer, inter-cropping and crop rotation to avoid land degradation. To keep the parents motivated we recently introduced a parent agreement stating that they will receive a training twice a year and breakfast after work sponsored by Elsus Foundation.