Teacher shortage


The school copes with a teacher shortage, which affects the quality of education and results in falling numbers of kids attending class. As a government school, the school is supposed to receive government teachers, but after appointing teachers they often do not show up to teach. 

Solution: Teacher Scholarship


With support from In2Afrika, we sponsor a secondary school graduate, Kirumira Umar, to get his teaching certificate. After graduation, we will assist him in becoming a government sponsored teacher at Bussi Primary School. Umar is an in-service student which means that he will teach during term time and go to school during holidays. We chose for Umar because he has ties to the community and is therefore more motivated to stay at Bussi Primary School as a teacher in the future. 


Also watch there interview with Umar here >>

Quality of education


The quality of education is not yet satisfactory according to the head teacher. Factors such as teacher motivation, teacher skills and poor circumstances play a role. For example, children automatically tell teachers they understand the subject matter while their notebook answers are incorrect, teachers speak incorrect English and the children lack access to work books.