Advise, connect or volunteer

  • Can you connect us to an engineer (ingenieur) who has experience with irrigation systems in developing countries?

  • What would you advise about out Crafts Project for parents? Which crafts would sell well in the Netherlands? Where could we sell them?

  • Volunteer at one of our fundraising events: second hand markets or garage sales.


We appreciate help in all different kinds of ways. Your contribution will make a difference at Bussi Primary School.


Support our projects financially and help to improve education at Bussi Primary School. We appreciate incidental and monthly donations. Our official bank account is NL36 RBRB 0929 0397 77 to Stichting elsus foundation.


Overview of our monthly/regular expenses:

Teacher salary Umar (monthly)                    100.000 ush

Teacher training 2 Umar                               280.000 ush

Parent breakfast (monthly)                           75.000 ush

Transport costs (monthly)                             25.000 ush

Seeds (cassava)                                           60.000 ush

Organise your own fundraiser

Organise your own second hand market, empty bottle campaign or school project to raise money for Elsus Foundation. Do not hesitate to ask us for advise or promotion material.


Internship in Uganda

We offer the chance to go to Uganda and to do an internship at Bussi Primary School. Previous interns all worked on a specific project with specific goals related to the school garden and improved education. They lived at the school and experiences local life on Bussi Island; from church services to sports tournaments to local food.


Become a Board member

We are looking for a secretary who takes initiatives and is passionate about our work. This role incolves making important project decisions, scheduling meetings, keeping records of important decisions, write minutes during meetings and communication with external partners.  

Contribute to crafts project

Choose and buy one of the beautiful and colourful crafts made by the parents from Bussi Island. They made aprons, baskets, headbands, table mats and mats. Pictures of the crafts will soon be available online.