Aprons, the key to sustainability

We offer income opportunities and new skills to parents & teachers through apron production. More income, more support to their children. More info to come soon!


As evidence accumulates, at Elsus Foundation we believe in community-led initiatives combined with a social enterprise model. A social enterprise is a business that reinvests profits in social goals. We came up with a model that offers income opportunities to parents and teachers while subsidising the existing garden project and all that by means of apron production. The apron project is led locally by a committee of 2 parents and 1 teacher and guided by Charles, our project manager.


Why focus on parents?

While education in Uganda is free ‘on paper’, parents play a vital role. Without record keeping and inspections by authorities as many of us know it, it is ultimately the parents’ decision if the children will attend school. Some children are kept at home, either to work or because parents lack money to pay for uniforms or lunch. By raising parents’ income, we give them more space to send their children to school, to support them when in school and to encourage them to finish school.


Why aprons?

The first craft workshop in 2015, thankfully sponsored by Jonathans Rainbow, taught us which products were successful on the European market. Aprons were among the most popular products. Other than baskets, aprons are light and can be transported easily in large quantities. In other words, an easy choice!